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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum downpayment for move-in at a mid-rise and high-rise development?

The standard downpayment term for mid-rise developments is 10-90, and for high-rise it is 20-90, unless a certain project is given a certain promo term

If the client paid the downpayment in cash, how long will it take before he can move in at the unit (for RFO project)?

If the project is RFO (ready for occupancy), the turnover of the unit is done after 30 days from issuance of clearance, whereby clearance is issued only upon completion of downpayment.

How long is the warranty period of the unit once turned over? What is the coverage of the warranty?

The unit has a 2-year warranty period, and the coverage is the workmanship.

If I opt to have my unit leased out, can DMCI Homes manage the lease of the unit for me?

Yes, DMCI Homes has a leasing management department that takes care of your leasing requirements.

If I’m an OFW without a checking account, as is the case with a lot of OFWs, will the company assist us in opening an account for the monthly payments of DMCI Homes’ condo purchase?

The assistance for a local checking account should be requested and is subject to Finance’s approval.

What are your requirements if I choose to put the name of the unit under a corporation?

The standard requirements are secretary’s certificate, articles of incorporation, board resolution, and the valid IDs of the corporate secretary.

After full payment of the unit, how long is the processing time for the title to be released?

The title is released one (1) year from full payment.

Do we allow pets in any of our developments?

We don’t generally allow pets in the developments, unless otherwise stipulated in the deed of restrictions.

What are the standard distances per building in a mid-rise and high-rise development?

The standard distance is 8 meters on the average.

How many meters is the set-back of our developments from the main road? How about the elevation of the development from road level?

The standard set-back and elevation of developments from road level is 3 meters on the average.

Can I purchase 2 parking slots if my unit is a 2-bedroom?

Some projects allow purchase of more than one (1) parking slots, but majority will only permit one (1) slot per unit.

What is a single-loaded corridor? What is the Lumiventt technology?

A single-loaded corridor is the standard floor layout of DMCI Homes’ developments, where the unit is facing an open area and not another unit, unlike other building developments.
Meanwhile, the Lumiventt building design is a combination of several building design features that aims to maximize the natural benefits of light (lumen) and air (ventus).

This building design, first introduced by DMCI Homes, allows light to enter and fresh air to freely circulate among common areas and even in the residents’ individual units. First introduced in DMCI Homes’ flagship high-rise project, Tivoli Garden Residences near the Makati CBD, it is now present in other DMCI Homes developments like La Verti Residences in Pasay City and Royal Palm Residences high-rise condos–Kawai and Kamala–in Taguig City.

Employing single-loaded corridors, three-storey-high sky patios at the front and back of each building, breezeways at the end of each floor, and central atriums every five floors, Lumiventt basically allows the high-rise projects to “breathe.”
Compared to the usual cramped and claustrophobic feeling that is predominant in today’s condominiums, the Lumiventt Advantage promotes healthy breathing and healthy living through wide open spaces, abundant greenery, and the country’s predominant weather conditions.

Is there a provision for water heater and washing machine in all unit types?

Some projects offer these provisions, but because of the existence of the service area at the rooftop, the provisions for washer and dryer are already available there and will therefore no longer be available within the unit. See the specifications per project.