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Local Buyers

It all begins with a dream. Whether you are dreaming of a home that’s closer to your work, or a home that’s big enough to accommodate your growing family, your first step is to know what you need. This will ensure that you are able to find the perfect home that fits in with your lifestyle.The next step is to know what you WANT. This is where we come in. Because the homes that we build are not merely structures that provide shelter, but are havens of peace with amenities that encourage rest and recreation, we provide you not only with what you need, but also with what you want. You’ve made your decision to buy your DMCI Home. Now, allow us to guide you through the process and requirements to make your choice become truly yours.

  1. The first step is to ensure that your home of choice will be reserved for you. This can be done by accomplishing the Client Registration Form provided by your Property Consultant. Once this has been accomplished, the PC will prepare a Computation Sheet that details the payment scheme that will be applied for your home purchase. Lastly, you will be requested to sign the Reservation Agreement, and to make a payment for your Reservation Fee.
  2. Reservation Requirements

Upon reservation, you will be asked to fill up a Reservation Agreement Form. Along with this, a reservation fee ofP20,000 for the unit and P10,000 for the parking must be made. The reservation is nonrefundable and is valid for 30 days only. To complete your reservation, the following documents must be submitted within 7 days from the date of reservation:

  1. Signed Reservation Agreement Form, Client Registration Form, and Final Computation Sheet (forms and computation template will be provided by us).
  2. Photocopy of 2 valid government-issued IDs.
  3. Any Proof of Billing.
  4. Tax Identification Number (TIN) and Income Tax Return (ITR). (if applicable)
  5. Reservation Fee (For international client please call the Property Consultant for instructions on how to reserve through remittance)

All computation here make use of fixed computations and fixed discounts set by DMCI Homes.

  1. REGULAR DISCOUNTS This is the first discount given which varies dependeing on the downpayment chosen and of the financing chosen 2% to 10%.
  2. PDC DISCOUNT This is the standard 2% discount given after Regular Discount
  3. SPOT CASH DISCOUNT Additional discount given of any spot cash made whose percentage depends on the number of months left until unit is finished or turnover.
    • 1-5 months to turnover : .5%
    • 6-10 months : 1%
    • 11-15 months : 1.5%
    • 16-20 months : 2%
    • 21-25 months : 3%
    • 26-30 months : 4%
    • 21-35 months : 5%
    • 36-40 months : 6%

After submission of the required documents, you will be asked to sign a Contract to Sell/Deed of Absolute Sale. To avoid the cancellation of your reservation, please make sure to submit all the above documents including the signed Contract to Sell/Deed of Absolute Sale plus postdated checks within 30 days from the date of reservation.


Based on the terms of payment agreed upon on your reservation agreement or your Contract to Sell, you’ll be required to begin paying your downpayment 30 days after the reservation date.

Available modes of payment are:

The balance can be paid through Inhouse or Bank Financing (We also process the bank financing)